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Buchanan & Harper provides complete professional engineering services for all aspects of land development, infrastructure engineering, environmental studies and limited coastal engineering; from initial phases of project development such as feasibility studies and master development plans to overall project infrastructure, permitting, cost estimating, and construction oversight.

Our design philosophy emphasizes a comprehensive approach with attention to detail. All engineering projects are completed using a design-centric process as opposed to a drafting-centric process by starting from the ground up and employing an intelligent 3-D project model to design the project geometrically in both elevation and plan that concludes with construction documents. This method allows for the complete integration of the proposed improvements with the existing conditions. Advantages include the ability to iteratively design, visualize and optimize the project thereby resulting in a more efficient, economical, and robust design. Additionally, as a result of this method of work, all projects are suitable for use by contractors for construction layout and machine control using electronic data transfer without any additional computations.

All engineered systems are designed using state of the art computer software to analyze options and design the most efficient and cost effective system as opposed to simply drafting a solution and then performing a verification analysis.

Service sectors include governmental, commercial, residential and industrial. Types of projects include roadways, parks, shopping centers, industrial/office parks, office buildings, retail centers, residential subdivisions, water and sewer infrastructure, marinas and minor coastal projects.