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Hurricane Michael Update

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Buchanan & Harper, Inc. is blessed to announce all our staff are safe after Hurricane Michael and are eager to meet your surveying and civil engineering needs. We are working hard to repair and restore our office and we expect to be up and running soon. For surveying or civil engineering inquires please call 850-763-7427. #850Strong    Read More →

The Cost of Engineering

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One of the questions we are commonly asked is what is your standard engineering fee for a certain type job.  Invariably, the answer is, it depends – on the type of job, the specific conditions, the desired services, etc. Engineering is the art of applying science to the solution of a problem.  For the nonprofessional, understanding the science is difficult enough, but adding in the concept of an art just makes it incomprehensible; and for those without significant experience, and even for some... Read→

We Are Proud of Our Predecessors

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This beautiful area we call our home has been put on the map as a great location for tourism, commerce and military activity, which causes me to reflect upon those responsible for putting us on the map – actually, they made the maps. Today we may leave our homes within manicured subdivisions and travel across roads and bridges to visit the newest beachfront establishment. In this and future posts I’d like to tell of those who made this possible – the surveyors who first traversed this land... Read→